Performance at the cutting edge of technology

Effective at

Laboratory-validated tests

We have worked with leading French and international laboratories, using standardized procedures with detailed protocols in the field of pathogen testing, to ensure reliability and the credibility of the tests.

The Bioguard™ technology biological evaluation is ISO 10993-10 certified in France and the United States by Biomatech, a member of the research organization NAMSA – North American Science Associates.

In order to offer a state-of-the-art solution, our teams have conducted a series of laboratory tests to validate its effectiveness.  Under ISO21702-2019 and ASTM E 1053-97 test conditions, the viral concentration is reduced by at least 100 times compared to untreated surfaces. Bioguard™ is effective against human coronaviruses and influenza-like viruses.

Effective against SARS-COV2

Antimicrobial evaluations, conducted by accredited laboratories on Bioguard™ samples, validate the presence and lasting effectiveness of the technology. We are therefore able to state that Bioguard™ technology is the only one on the market that has demonstrated its effectiveness over time

The latest tests were carried out in May 2021 in a French laboratory located in Lyon on paper samples with our Bioguard™ solution. The results against SARS-COV2 showed that our technology offers powerful and long-lasting antiviral protection.

Environmentally responsible technology

Bioguard™ offers proven protection while respecting people and the planet. Its components do not produce irritation on contact with the skin and are environmentally friendly. In addition, the anti-viral properties of Bioguard™ do not alter the inherent characteristics of the protected products.

Bioguard & Co is also committed to supporting the ecological transition and complies with the European RPB Regulation (2013) on products placed on the market that contain biocidal substances. Its factories in Europe are accredited to the highest environmental standards (ISO 1400, ISO55001 and ISO45001).


In order to guarantee the protection of surfaces and the application of Bioguard™ varnish, we have developed a traceability process.  On the one hand, the units of varnish and the labels for the protected surfaces have a unique manufacturing number allowing individual tracking via a QR code. On the other hand, a molecular tracer is incorporated into the coating. This tracer, which can be verified via an authentication device, allows the presence of Bioguard™ on the surfaces to be checked. Once the control has been carried out, a tamper-proof label is stuck on the treated surface and scanned with the smartphone application, which thus automatically updates each element protected with Bioguard™ as well as its application date.

The label is thus guaranteed to reassure the user.