About us

Bioguard & Co: a strategic initiative of the Oberthur Fiduciary Group, world leader in banknote printing

Bioguard™ is an anti-virus, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal technology that has been proven in one of the world’s most secure industries, banknote production, for over fifteen years. The Bioguard™ technology is already applied to more than ten billion banknotes in circulation worldwide. This technology is now being extended  by Bioguard & Co, a subsidiary of the Oberthur Fiduciaire group, a historical participant  in the banknote printing industry since 1842.

Because of its activity and its type of clients – governments, central banks or private institutions – the Oberthur Fiduciaire group must constantly comply with the strictest international regulatory and health standards. Security is at the heart of the group’s strategy.

Oberthur Fiduciaire is strongly committed to improving the safety of its processes and products, against counterfeiting and wear and tear of course, but also against any health threat that could endanger its products and their users. Its product traceability system is a reference in the industry.

A company at the service of the ecological transition

Bioguard & Co has also set itself the goal of supporting the ecological transition in the same way as the Oberthur Fiduciaire Group, its parent company. The company complies with the European regulation RPB (2013) on products placed on the market that contain biocidal substances. It has also brought its production facilities in Europe up to the highest environmental standards (ISO 1400, ISO55001 and ISO45001) and systematically adjusts the concentration of  the active ingredients within its antiviral solution. The very long-lasting effectiveness of the Bioguard™ solution is in itself a guarantee of preserved resources. As a technology that respects people and the planet, its components do not produce irritation on contact with the skin and are environmentally friendly.

Bioguard & Co is thus part of a long-term approach to reconcile health safety and sustainable development. In the regulatory context of the Climate and Resilience Act, which aims to put ecology at the heart of citizens’ lives, the company wishes to give priority to solutions which  are sustainable, recyclable and safe for the environment.