Bioguard™ protection for all


Before COVID-19, other epidemics had already impacted human history. Pandemics have been identified as one of the major risks that the world’s population will face in the coming decades. The current COVID-19 epidemic has a considerable impact on our daily lives and has already profoundly transformed our societies. It has accelerated the digitalization of businesses but has also led to a change in consumer behaviours, driven by the explosion of online commerce.

The COVID-19 pandemic is transforming the packaging industry and health safety has become a key issue in this sector.


  • 75% of European consumers have reduced their shopping habits since the beginning of the pandemic, 80% believe that viruses are transmitted through contact with objects,
  • 50% have even stopped touching products in shops
  • 25% have reduced their impulse purchases.
  • 53% and 87% of consumers (depending on the country concerned in the EU) fear that packaging can transmit viruses to humans, including COVID-19. (ESSEC 2020 study).

In this context, Bioguard & Co is a historical pioneer in biosecurity and its stamp is a guarantee of confidence for consumers. It has a unique know-how (developed by R&D teams for more than fifteen years); is protected by five patents and is subject to constant innovation.

Clearly, offering consumers packaging which has been treated against the transmission of viruses is a positive response to their fear and helps restore their confidence in the purchase process. Bioguard™ is the proven, identifiable and safe anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal technology that will help brands differentiate themselves by offering bio secure packaging for both home delivery and in-store purchases

Cardboard boxes for commerce and e-commerce
Food packaging
Luxury packaging


Our Bioguard™ solution treats paper to provide anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. Bioguard™ treated paper retains its original physical and mechanical properties and remains recyclable, making Bioguard™ a technology that can be used for all types of paper. We can treat with Bioguard™ papers and secure documents such as passports, ballots, tax stamps, diplomas or any other official documents.

The Bioguard™ stamp allows users to use these documents with complete peace of mind.

Furthermore, Bioguard™ meets the ISO 10993-1 part.10 standards which confirms that this technology does not represent any risk of irritation to skin / sensitization for users. The technology complies with the European regulation BPR 528/2012.


Bioguard™ is an active technology which protect surfaces against the risk of contamination from viruses. Furniture, tables and other surfaces can be easily protected by the antiviral and bactericidal solutions in a durable manner. Bioguard™ can also be applied to protect existing equipment, adapting to their situation.

The manufacturing and production cost of this solution remains marginal for the company, regardless of application process. It is considerably lower than altrenative prevention and protection measures that could be put in place.

The Bioguard™ stamp, allows users to use them with complete peace of mind.



A product for Central Banks only

Bioguard™ was originally developed to provide antiviral, antibacterial and fungicidal properties to banknotes. Its effectiveness has been proven on billions of banknotes in circulation.

With the advent of the pandemic, our R&D teams conducted extensive research to improve the antiviral properties to the Bioguard™ formulation.

Today we offer two solutions to central banks for banknote protection:

  • Bioguard™ paper: Paper treatment with internal and external protection offering antiviral, antibacterial and fungicidal properties.
  • Bioguard™ Varnish: UV overprint varnish with biocidal protection offering antiviral, antibacterial and fungicidal properties.