Preserving the biosecurity of goods and services

Bioguard™ technology, is applied to many products, protecting their surface area, in order to reduce the risk of virus transmission.

Humans have always coexisted with viruses and bacteria. The globalization of trade, climate change and rapid urbanization are all societal and environmental developments which favour the emergence and rapid spread of new health risks for the world’s population. These new viruses and bacteria are in addition to the risks that have existed for centuries.

These challenges are creating a new world, new consequences, and new responses: systemic upheavals require new actions to be taken and new solutions to be found for us to live in a globalized environment in a secure manner.

The objective of Bioguard™ is to contribute to the restoration of trust in our society: between public authorities, companies and consumers by exploiting a technology that respects humans and the planet, as well as to ensure the biosecurity of goods and services.

Bioguard™ is a technology to provide a defense  against fungal growth, bacteria and as well as viruses including Coronavirus.

Our technology is applicable
to many products

We are committed to working with all accredited suppliers to make this important innovation available to everyone around the world.

Bioguard™ can be included in the industrial manufacturing process to protect products and surfaces.

We are developing bespoke solutions that allow Bioguard™ to be incorporated during the manufacture of the product itself.


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